how to play Kao Ka, how to play and how to win?

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Kao Ka is another card game that is very popular to play, especially among friends. used to play at parties Increase the fun of the event and play to place bets in a fun field. Nine cards have a play style that is similar to poker that combines Pokdeng. สมัคร UFABET

How to play nine cards, how to play

How to play nine cards

First step: Each player must place a bet in the pot. according to the specified amount

Step 2: The dealer shuffles the players until 3 cards are dealt, starting from anyone.

Step 3: Each player looks at their points. The combination of 3 cards by cutting the ten digits out of 10 JQK is 0 while A is 1.

For example: 5+5+5 = 15 after elimination. Your score is 5 and see the table below for other extra points.

Step 4: The gambler has the following options:

  • Crouch The player loses the stake in the pot. But there is no need to continue playing.
  • Fight, the player will bet twice as much to continue playing.
  • Accordingly, place the same bet as the previous person.
  • Getup place more bets than the stake from the

Step 5: After playing the final round The last player gets all the pot.

Read up to this point, your friends probably already know what Kao Ka is and how to play Kao Ka cards and how to play. The rest after this. If you want to win the game It requires personal luck and tact in your play.