Good ideas deciding buy cosmeceutical products

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Good ideas for deciding to buy cosmeceutical products

1.Safety: Choose a brand that is reliable and trustworthy.

Famous big companies There would be enough capital to invest in research and testing of various substances. to be used in the product. Therefore, we can be confident to some extent that those products are of good in standard criteria and is safe enough to be used with our bodyIn addition to products from well-known brands Products recommended byA medical professional. That is suitable for your skin is another reliable option at UFABET.

2. Quality: Study the real properties of the product. without believing too much advertising

The hype about the properties of the product is often exaggerated. therefore having the correct knowledgeAbout product components will help us make better product selection decisions.For example, sunscreens often advertise that the higher the SPF, the better.The more effective it is to protect the skin from the sun.But from testing the effectiveness of sun protection, it was found that • SPF30 sunscreen has only 1.5% higher sun protection than SPF15 sunscreen.But the SPF 30 cream texture is much more oily. So a small increase in protectionIt’s really not worth the risk of irritation and clogged pores from the extra sebum of cream.

Moreover It doesn’t matter how much SPF sunscreen has. Approximately after applying the cream2 hours, the sunscreen will separate. decreases the effectiveness of sun protectionTherefore, effective skin protection Not using a high SPF sunscreen. But sunscreen should be reapplied every 3 hours, especially when out in the sun.such as. When going to the beach or being in the outdoors during the day, etc.However, if you are not confident in choosing the product yourself. or use the product. Then there are unwanted side effects. Should seek advice from a dermatologist. Who can recommend the use of standardized products give real resultsand suitable for your skin type as well

3. Adaptability: Adjust skincare products every 3 months.

Even if you choose products that are safe and effective for your skin. But because the skin is constantly changing. (whether from the changing weathereach season. Or from changes occurring within your body)Products that have use with good results. It may not as good as before. Therefore, when using skin care products continuously for about 3 months. It should adjuste or replaced. Products used to suit changing skin conditions. When you modify a product Your skin will respond in a better way. And you will always have the best skin every moment.