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4 ways to treat toothache at home

A toothache is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. It’s like the tight muscles in your back when you lift a heavy box. Or your hands are swollen from cooking. If you have ever had a toothache You know that’s not

aloe vera Versatile herbs

  Thai herbs that have a similar appearance to the pointed tail of a crocodile, so much so that they have a name that describes their characteristics well. Keep away from crocodiles. is another herb that is popularly planted at home. In addition to being used as


Acne is something that worries everyone. In addition to pain and inflammation When acne heals, acne marks and scars may still be left behind. But there are many different ways to treat acne scars. Today we have collected methods for treating acne scars, reducing acne

9 danger signs “Skin Cancer”

If someone who has never applied sunscreen out of the house may claim that “it’s okay. I’m not afraid of black” or “it’s already black”. Then you are wrong. Because the dangers of sunlight not only darken the skin tone, have freckles, blemishes or increase wrinkles.

Acne on the face. indicating the origin of the disease

Acne on the face. indicating the origin of the disease. Q: I found information on social media that says that pimples appear in different parts of the face.  It can tell us what disease we have. Or which part of the body is defective, such as saying

Good ideas deciding buy cosmeceutical products

Good ideas for deciding to buy cosmeceutical products 1.Safety: Choose a brand that is reliable and trustworthy. Famous big companies There would be enough capital to invest in research and testing of various substances. to be used in the product. Therefore, we can be confident to some extent that

Tighten facial skin, say goodbye to sagging

Tighten facial skin, say goodbye to sagging If time could turn back, many women. Would want their facial skin to as youthful. When they were young. flexible face firm, smooth and wrinkle-free But as the days passed, the firmness of the face gradually decreased. according to the

4 causes of “kidney disease” that do not come from “eating salty”

17.6% is the number of Thai people with chronic kidney disease or those with latent kidney disease. representing about 8 million people of the Thai population but the group with end-stage renal failure It is about 80,000 and tends to increase every year around 1-2 ten thousand people per year. Previously, the World Health Organization