Structure body to resist all diseases.

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Adjust the structure body to resist all diseases.

Time goes on and on Until some people may accidentally and forget. What you want to do. But one thing. That should paid attention to is our own ” body and mind ” . Start turning to take care of yourself and take care of yourself in the way of preventing illness before the disease is better. Because if the word “ disease ” is found. It will very difficult to restore the body. That was once naturally perfect to effective as before.

We should recognize the importance of the cause of the disease and symptoms. And put it into practice in life until. It becomes a spontaneous occurrence without force It is regarded as the starting point for obtaining good health by UFABET.

back pain

It is a disease that has a very high incidence. and affecting the wastage of medical treatment Personnel Development It can affect the national economy at all. Because most of them occur in working age. And the cause is from the work posture itself. 90% of back pain is cause by abnormalities. Imbalance of the musculoskeletal system of the back Which is often chronic and comes and go, causing great annoyance in life affect mental state frustrate. Because when there is pain, it will not be able to move as fluently as before. Back pain if left for a long time Treatment is not exactly where it is. will promote impact on other systems connected may affect the nerve roots that go to the legs affects the spine and the work of the internal organs as well

herniated disc disease

It is a disease which is cause by the musculoskeletal system not in a state of balance and not being strong enough. In the normal state of balance of the body. The bones aligned with proper curvature. The functioning of the body is normal. But when the balance of the muscles is lost The alignment of the bones will not be in the correct alignment. When the body is affected by external forces or from work. It will affect the movement of the herniated discs.


Causes of crooked bones It’s very close. But has overlook. That is, postures in daily life, postures, standing, walking, sitting, lying, lifting things, working, etc. in the wrong position. and accumulated for a long time until the muscles are out of balance affecting the alignment of the bones until the spine is crook Currently, it is found. That scoliosis Occurs a lot in adolescents. for being in the wrong position wont be a habit Until it becomes a personality (bad), causing the bones to crook or deteriorate prematurely. And it also affects the physical development of the child as well. It is also found in working adults. having to sit in the same wrong position all day for many years Accumulated until the structure of the musculoskeletal system. That use to be arranged in balance became abnormally crooked

cardiovascular disease hypertension

It is a popular disease with the highest mortality statistics among. Thai people. It is a disease that cannot be treated to return to normal by any means. But the important thing is that heart disease is definitely a preventable disease. It depends on how we act to prevent ourselves from getting this disease or not ? One factor that affects the disease is. having an unbalanced body structure The muscles are not flexible enough. Including the adhesion of the spinal joints.

It has a great effect on this disease. The body will gradually showing symptoms little by little May start with shortness of breath shortness of breath, tiredness, throbbing pain in the chest. Checked and did not find any disease. That might be a warning sign. If left untreated, it can lead to disease. In a short time after trying to check and did not find any disease. But the symptoms are still there, should try to examine the body structure. Because such symptoms may cause by having an unbalanced body structure.


It is a summary of people who overuse. Their bodies without taking care of them. Paralysis is a 100% incurable disease , but it is 100% preventable. “ Paralysis ” is a disease caused by an imbalance in the body’s systems. It’s a flaw in many ways. contiguous system starting from eating being in the wrong position overuse of the body being obese Musculoskeletal and Joint Diseases the presence of metabolic defects in the body having a lot of fat. The blood vessels are not clean from the accumulated fat. (causing high cholesterol) if this lump of fat falls off and clogs the small blood vessels. in vital organs such as the heart or brain. It can life threatening. If clogging only the most capillary branch in the brain It can cause the disease that no one wants, that is, paralysis immediately.

neck pain

Neck pain, shoulder pain, or scapula pain are seemingly harmless symptoms. But if understanding the mechanism of musculoskeletal disorders Considered to be quite scary. It is a risk factor that is quite dangerous to health. And a condition that makes the body vulnerable to disease. Almost all working-age people have to face this problem for sure. Because most of them have to use the computer for a long time / sitting in the wrong position. Until the work of the muscles can not resisted The neck-shoulder muscles will contract. Decreased blood flow to the brain Because the blood vessels that pass through the neck-shoulder to the head are through these muscles. 

From the reason that the muscles tense and pull back so much. That there is a problem with the alignment of the bones. That are wrong. causing the neck to deformed. The cervical vertebra deteriorates faster than usual. Risk of cervical disc herniation over nerves Herniated discs narrowe. It also affects breathing. because the neck muscles have an attachment point that stretches from the rib cage If there is a problem, it can directly affect the respiratory system. not just neck pain But you may also experience headaches, dizziness, and shortness of breath.


tension headache It is cause by the muscles being tense up so much. That the blood supply to the brain is not enough. It is cause by overuse of the muscles. This causes tight muscles and restricts blood flow to the brain. or a condition in which the muscles are very spasmodic along the island of the neck-shoulder muscles until there is pain in the head