Thai Boxing Vocabulary and various boxing languages

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Muay Tu means watching boxing on TV. This is a catchy term from the past that boxing masters like to talk about. Because TV in the past was a square shape like a box. to inform details about Thai Boxing both analysis both boxing rates. Both live boxing lectures and price pull boxing refer to the fact that one of the boxers pretends to be unable to fight. Even though oneself is superior. By pretending to be armed to put yourself at a disadvantage first until the price of Thai Boxing changes. สมัคร UFABET

Then come back and fight seriously. And try to turn around and win. Falling boxing means pretending to lose, not fighting fully. In order for the result to come out, he himself is the loser. There may be wages paid by the opposing party. Or from boxing gamblers Or various boxing bookmakers. Toilet boxing means a boxer who is unskilled and weak. Doesn’t practice, doesn’t train well, fights and loses anyway.

Types of online boxing betting

Online boxing betting will have 3 major categories that Thai people like to play, namely single boxing betting. It will be a handicap price similar to football betting based on clearly seen prices with both of them that are open for online boxing betting, such as players. Boxing Party A meets Boxer Party B, which Party A is against. The water price is 0.55. Let’s say we bet online boxing 100 baht to Party A. It appears that winning, we will get 55 baht, but if we guess wrong, we will lose full. 

Sometimes the odds may be in the form of 3/2, for example, betting on boxing 300 baht if winning 200 baht, if it’s 5/3 style, if betting on boxing 500 baht, will be 300 baht. Boxing High-Low For betting in this format, there will be a rate. The odds are clearly defined, calculated from 5 rounds, for example, in the O/U field is 3.5, if the online boxing bet is high, it appears that the boxing that day won in the 5th round is equal to the high bet, you will get the money. Set boxing betting or step boxing, development, online boxing betting that must be selected as a set and must be matched correctly in all pairs, with the minimum of this type of boxing betting starting at 3 pairs