What is Malay Lottery and where does it come from?

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If talking about the Malay lottery, then the Malay lottery or also known as Magnum is a lottery that comes from Malaysia. declared legal in Malaysia Most of the people who play the lottery Malay, it is the people in the south of Thailand. and foreigners The method of playing is similar to playing Thai lottery. In addition to playing the Malay lottery, there are many ways to play the lottery . As for the prize draw, it will be announced every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Or it is a special day, but not very often. By the time that the Malay lottery results. Will be announced starting from 18.00 onwards. ทางเข้า UFABET

Malaysian lottery, format, rules of play

Playing Malay lottery, many people are confuse about how to play and what it is. You can read and understand in this article. Many people may be familiar with the name of the Malay lottery. But some people still do not know what the Malay lottery. Is how it is played, and how to play it. Today we have the answer. Malay lottery is a legal lotto issued in Malaysia. The popular 4 Malay lotto in Thailand is call “Magnum” . And this is also the beginning of the lottery. Others include Damacai1+3D, Sabah, Sandakan, S’wak Cashsweep, Toto, and Singapore ‘s Singapore4D. Where prizes are issued by each company and state. In which various types of Sop have characteristics and methods of playing similar to Thai lottery. But there will be only 4 number. So the odds of winning the lottery are higher than the Thai lottery.

When is the Malaysian lottery release? and how many awards

For the Malay lottery, also know as “Magnum”. Will be issue every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday. Which will announce the results of the lottery at approximately 18.00 onwards Thailand time. The prediction will be 4 numbers, there are 23 prizes in total.

  • The first prize is call A1 = 1 prize.
  • The second prize is call B1 = 1 prize.
  • The 3rd prize is call C1 = 1 prize.
  • The 4th prize is call Special = 10 prizes.
  • The 5th prize is call Consolation = 10 prizes.

Malaysia lottery pattern

  1. Playing in a small or small way will bet on 4 numbers. Small is bet. On 1 set to win 3 prizes A1, B1, C1
    • If issued at A1 (1st prize) get 3,000/1 baht
    • If issued directly B1 (2nd prize) get 2,000/1 baht
    • If issued at C1 (3rd prize) get 1,000/1 baht
  2. Play Big or Big, it will bet 4 numbers. Big is bet 1 set. Win 5 prizes A1, B1, C1, Special, Consolation
    • If issued at A1 (1st prize) get 2,000/1 baht
    • If issued directly B1 (2nd prize) get 1,000/1 baht
    • If issued at C1 (3rd prize) get 500/1 baht
    • If issued directly to Special (4th prize) get 250/1 baht
    • If issued at Consolation (5th prize) get 75/1 baht