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Acne is something that worries everyone. In addition to pain and inflammation When acne heals, acne marks and scars may still be left behind. But there are many different ways to treat acne scars. Today we have collected methods for treating acne scars, reducing acne

9 danger signs “Skin Cancer”

If someone who has never applied sunscreen out of the house may claim that “it’s okay. I’m not afraid of black” or “it’s already black”. Then you are wrong. Because the dangers of sunlight not only darken the skin tone, have freckles, blemishes or increase wrinkles.

How to eat “egg” to get the most benefit?

“Eggs” are often associate with breakfast and provide the body with protein. One large egg There are 13 essential vitamins and minerals and a total of 70 calories of high-quality protein. Plus, nutritional research suggests that “eggs” play a role in weight management. muscle strength quality pregnancy brain function Eye health

10 chronic diseases of adults in their Age 40 up

10 chronic diseases of adults in their Age 40 up Age 40 up, most of them have health problems in what areas? Age 40 up, there are many health problems that occur together. Whether it’s easy to get fat, skin has wrinkles, fatigue, not fresh, tired easily, memory loss, osteoporosisby UFABET. What

Knee rehabilitation for athletes and chronic injuries

Knee rehabilitation for athletes and chronic injuries You may have wondered if a professional soccer player has suffered a knee injury. and had to undergo surgery. Why do you have to stop playing for 6 – 12 months? Many of you understand that those athletes are Just rest on the