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Looking For Reverse Phase? We Have Almost Everything on eBay. Get Reverse Phase With Fast and Free Shipping on eBay £8.95/90 Capsules, 10p/Day, 3 Mth's Supply. Natural Source Silica-Bamboo Extrac Stationary phases. In the 1970s, most liquid chromatography was performed using a solid support stationary phase (also called a column) containing unmodified silica or alumina resins. This type of technique is now referred to as normal-phase chromatography.Since the stationary phase is hydrophilic in this technique, molecules with hydrophilic properties contained within the mobile phase will.

C18-reversed phase silica gel for column chromatography, fully endcapped; EC Number: 231-545-4; Synonym: Reversed phase silica gel 90 C18; find Supelco-60757 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich 2 Product Results. | Match Criteria: Product Name. Synonym: Reversed phase silica gel 90 C18. 60757. for column chromatography, fully endcapped. Supelco C18-Reversed phase silica gel for column chromatography, fully end-capped; EC Number: 231-545-4; Synonym: C18-reversed phase silica gel, Reversed phase silica gel C18; find Supelco-60756 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich Our reversed phase TLC portfolio features three different C18 TLC plates, C2, Diol, Amino, and Cyano phases where functionalization of silica is modified using various short-chain organosilanes. Retention of molecules and the ability to tolerate water are directly dependent on the organosilane chain length: the shorter the chain, the more water accepting and the shorter the migration time The Silia Bond ® C18 16% BDS is the most efficient deactivated C18 reversed-phase. This versatile support is the best choice for your applications in reversed-phase chromatography. This chromatographic phase has been compared with different competitors and presents a better separation for basic compounds

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  1. C. -reversed phase silica gel. 2 Products. Synonym: Reversed phase silica gel 90 C 18. EC Number: 231-545-4. NACRES. SB.52. You have selected the maximum number of product attributes (3) to compare
  2. Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic (RP-HPLC) separation of proteins on chemically bonded silica gel columns is described. Efficiency of nonporous alkylsilyl bonded silica gel is compared with that of a macroporous gel that has been widely used for the purpose. A comparative study of the separation under conventional and fast separation conditions is also given. The fast separation technique on the nonporous reversed-phase column has the advantage of improving the recovery.
  3. Alkyl bonded silica phases are the most commonly used materials for the reversed-phase separation of biomolecules. The shorter C4 matrices are generally recommended for large hydrophobic peptides and most proteins. Peptide maps, natural and synthetic peptides and small hydrophilic proteins are best chromatographed on C8 columns. C18 columns are often chosen for the analysis of small peptides.
  4. Galaksil ® is the packing material of Reversed-phase Chromatography (RPC) which uses for peptides isolation and purification. Galaksil ® is a long carbon chain C18/C8 bound with the spherical silica-gel substrate which has low metal-ion content (<20 ppm), high specific surface area and good mechanical strength
  5. Description: Silica gel and bonded phases are based upon a 150A pore silica gel, 35-75um particle. SPICE Packings are available in bulk quantities of 100 grams, 500 grams, 5 kg, and 10 kg. For larger quantities call for a price quote. Analtech offers two types of reversed phase. Shape / Form: Powder / Aggregate (Grain / Grog
  6. Achieve the high standards set by modern HPLC and LC/MS methods with the Acclaim family of reversed-phase columns. These silica-based columns with advanced column bonding and endcapping technologies provide complementary selectivity, high column efficiencies, and ultra-high resolution for a wide variety of applications

TSKgel Reversed Phase Columns Silica particles are most commonly used as the support in TSKgel reversed phase columns, which is then derivatized with octadecylsilane (ODS, C18) or smaller hydrocarbon chains such as C1 (Methyl), C4 (Butyl), C5 (Phenyl), or C8 (Octyl) Reversed phase chromatography has found both analytical and preparative applications in the area of biochemical separation and purification. Molecules that possess some degree of hydrophobic character, such as proteins, peptides and nucleic acids, can be separated by reversed phase chromatography with excellent recovery and resolution. In addition, the use of ion pairing modifiers in th

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LiChrospher® RP-18 is a reliable and versatile traditionally produced spherical silica gel carrier with C-18 reversed phase properties. It is well suited for the separation of neutral, acidic and weak basic compounds. This sorbent is packed into a LiChroCART® 250-4 HPLC cartridge Reverse phase silica gel is used in organic chemistry for the purification and isolation of synthetic compounds (i.e. post-reaction harvesting of chemical products). Our reverse phase silica gel is manufactured in accordance to the highest specifications

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Alternativ sind auch Reversed Phase-Materialien erhältlich, die zusätzlich zur hydrophoben Alkylkette auch hydrophile oder anionische und/oder kationische Liganden besitzen. Bei diesen erfolgt die Trennung ebenfalls über die Einstellung der mobilen Phase bezüglich pH-Wert, Salzkonzentration und Organikanteil In reversed-phase chromatography, the packing material is always non-polar ( hydrophobic ) while the mobile phase is polar to non-polar. An important parameter affecting chromatographic efficiency is the hydrophobicity of the sorbent. As a general rule, stationary phase hydrophobicity increases with the alkyl chain length

Reversed and normal phase sorbents and silica gels for reliable polishing Preparative column chomatography (advanced normal phase and reversed phase chromatography) plays an important role in purifying valuable compounds in research, pilot plant operation and production Silanized silica with dimethyl modification, carbon content 4 % Order of polarity: silica > DIOL > NH2 > CN > RP-2 > C18-50 > RP-18 W > C18-100 Normal phase or reversed phase Related Products: Reversed Phase Tlc Plate 18-Reversed phase silica gel - For column chromatography, fully end-capped - 15-25 um particle size - 100 Å pore size . Price Comparison • C18 Reversed-Phase SiO 2 - Fluka (Sigma-Aldrich) - $250 / 50 g • Normal-Phase SiO 2 - Grace DAVISIL (Fisher) - $393 / 25 kg • $0.79 / 50 g . C18 RP TLC Plates • EMD Millipore 15685 • TLC Silica gel 60 RP-18 F 254s • 25 count - 5. Hydrophilic interaction chromatography (or hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography, HILIC) is a variant of normal phase liquid chromatography that partly overlaps with other chromatographic applications such as ion chromatography and reversed phase liquid chromatography.HILIC uses hydrophilic stationary phases with reversed-phase type eluents

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©2003 Waters Corporation Reversed-Phase Chromatography for Polar Compound Retention •Reversed-Phase Chromatography • Non-polar stationary phase with >80% aqueous mobile phases • Strengths • Familiar, well understood technique • Many stationary phase choices • Good reproducibility, stable equilibration • High efficiency • Weaknesses of modern C 18 phases designed for improved pea Synthesis and Use of Reverse-Phase Silica Gel for HPLC in Undergraduate Chemistry. Fernando Ortega ; Ernesto Velez ; Ratnassamy Somanathan ; View Author Information. Centro De Graduados, Instituto Technologico De Tijuana, Apdo. postal 11 66, 22000 Tijuana, B.C. Mexico. Cite This: J. Chem. Educ. 1996 73 2 A26. Publication Date (Web): February 1, 1996. Publication History. Received 3 August 2009.

Reversed-phase chromatography (also called RPC, reverse-phase chromatography, Surface functionalization of silica can be performed in a monomeric or a polymeric reaction with different short-chain organosilanes used in a second step to cover remaining silanol groups (end-capping). While the overall retention mechanism remains the same, subtle differences in the surface chemistries of. Alkylated silica is used for reversed-phase HPLC columns. Hamilton offers two varieties of this composition: C18 and C8. C18 columns are more hydrophobic than C8 columns and thereby retain hydrophobic analytes more strongly than a C8 column will. Due to stronger retention, C18 columns tend to result in longer retention times and better separations. C8 columns result in shorter analyte. It is typical for normal-phase chromatography on silica that the mobile phase is 100% organic; no water is used. Reversed-Phase HPLC. The term reversed-phase describes the chromatography mode that is just the opposite of normal phase, namely the use of a polar mobile phase and a non-polar [hydrophobic] stationary phase. Figure S-2 illustrates the black three-dye mixture being separated using.

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Reversed high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has this name because the order of the process is, as you might expect, reversed. Whereas in normal HPLC the non-polar parts of a substance are separated at the stationary phase, thus eluting the polar ones afterwards, in reverse HPLC the polar ones are subtracted first Reversed-phase HPLC Disadvantages • For silica bonded phases, stable columns can be maintained at pH 2-10. Below pH 2 the bonded groups will be hydrolyzed, and above pH 10, the silica is appreciably soluble in the mobile phase. Characteristics of Normal Phase and Reverse Phase HPL C silica O-Si(CH 3) 2 R OH O-Si(CH 3) 2 R H+ OH

The key difference between reverse phase and normal phase HPLC is that the reverse phase HPLC uses a nonpolar stationary phase and a polar mobile phase whereas the normal phase HPLC uses a polar stationary phase and a less polar mobile phase.. The normal phase HPLC is the oldest technique of HPLC that Tswett used in his separations of plant extracts; he used chalk in a glass column Using small pore (~ 100 angstrom) silica normally used in reversed-phase HPLC results in inferior protein separations. Wide pore silica (~ 300 angstrom diameter) gives much better separations of proteins (Reference 4). As illustrated in Figure 8, proteins cannot enter small pores, leaving only the very small exterior surface for separations to occur. Wide pore silica allows proteins and even.

Laser-induced room temperature luminescence of argon purged solid powdered samples of benzophenone adsorbed onto the two different reversed-phase silicas, RP-18 and RP-8, revealed the existence of a low energy emission band in contrast with the benzophenone adsorbed on 60 Å pore silica, where only triplet benzophenone emits. This low energy emission band was identified as the fluorescence of. Typical stationary phases for normal-phase chromatography are silica or organic moieties with cyano and amino functional groups. For reversed phase, alkyl hydrocarbons are the preferred stationary phase; octadecyl (C18) is the most common stationary phase, but octyl (C8) and butyl (C4) are also used in some applications. The designations for the reversed phase materials refer to the length of. Features Reversed phase nano silica impregnated with Cu(II) ions and a chiral selector (a proline derivative, DP 31 43 726 and EP 0 143 147) Separation based on ligand exchange, i. e. formation of ternary mixed-ligand complexes with the Cu(II) ions differences in the stability of th

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  1. SPE Phasen Reversed Phase: Die Reversed Phase-Trennungen umfassen eine polare oder mäßig polare mobile Phase (Matrix) und eine unpolare stationären Phase. Der zu trennende Analyt ist in der Regel unpolar. In die Kategorie der Reversed Phase Materialien fallen Alkyl- oder Aryl- gebundenen Kielgele (C-18, C-8, C-4 und Ph)
  2. There are three specialty silica-based TSKgel reversed phase columns: TSKgel ODS-120A, TSKgel ODS-120T, and TSKgel OligoDNA-RP. TSKgel ODS-120A columns use a 15 nm pore size silica base support. The bonding method results in a polymeric coverage of C18 groups on the silica surface. The A signifies that the material is not endcapped. The silica base support's exclusion limit of 1 × 10 4 Da.
  3. Silica-based Reversed Phase Cartridges. Overview. Orochem Silica based Orpheus sorbents are custom bonded in-house to standard or custom specifications. Most commonly they include irregular shaped about 50 micron particles with average 60 Å pore sizes for sample preparation. More Details. SPE Hardware Selection Guide. SAMPLE PREP. ORPHEUS: CLASSIC SPE CARTRIDGE: 1, 3, 6, 12, 20, 60 ML: ORO.
  4. ZORBAX Bonus RP columns offer unique selectivity due to an embedded amide linkage in the C14-alkyl chain making them ideal for 100% aqueous mobile phases and for compounds that are not retained on standard reverse phase columns; ZORBAX Rx columns are made from highly pure (> 99.995 %) porous silica with a higher carbon load (12%
  5. al pore diameters and specific surface areas are characterized with regard to physical and chromatographic properties. Bonded phase coverage, pore size, capacity and efficiency measurements are made upon the various ISRP supports in order to evaluate the effect.

In reversed-phase chromatography, the mobile phase is very polar - water or mixtures of water with polar, water-miscible solvents - and the stationary phase is nonpolar, often a 18-carbon-long hydrocarbon attached to the surface of silica or closely related materials. The analytes partition between the mobile phase and the stationary phase. The more hydrophobic the analytes are, the more. A facile method for efficient synthesis of core-shell composite material was proposed. In this method, the silica microspheres were co-modified with metal organic framework (MOF-235) and polyethylene glycol polymer (PEG) and used as mixed-mode stationary phase ([email protected]@silica) for high-performance liquid chromatography.. Elemental analysis, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray. Reversed Phase with Strong Ion Exchanger is used for the purification of charged compounds such as peptides, insulins (analogs) and oligonucleotides. Its silica gels are reversed-phase chromatography gels, merged with different amounts of strong anion exchanger (A) or strong cation exchanger (C). Both ionic and hydrophobic functionalities on the same surface increase the performance.

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Fluorinated-bonded-silica-based stationary phases have been commonly used in the reversed phase separations in HPLC414243 44 454647. In these studies, the retention properties of fluorinated. This high resolution silica column can improve the separation efficiency in your reversed phase applications. Accucore aQ C18 Polar Endcapped LC Columns: Separate polar compounds with improved speed and resolution at low backpressures using the column's rugged 2.6µm solid-core particles. Accucore C18 LC Columns : Get optimal retention of a broad range of nonpolar analytes across multiple. Bulk Silica C8 Phases. Locate the ideal DAISOGEL bulk silica product for your application by searching by series or pore size. Pre-packed columns are also available. A range of C8 phases with unique carbon loading, chemical resistances, and selectivities are available. SP-C8-PK. Our Premium Phase . Our newest C8 phase, the PK Series is a premium product that has been holistically designed for. Reversed phase PhyTip columns packed with C18 silica with 90 Å pore size

Finden Sie Hohe Qualität Reverse Phase Chromatographie Silica Gel Hersteller Reverse Phase Chromatographie Silica Gel Lieferanten und Reverse Phase Chromatographie Silica Gel Produkte zum besten Preis auf Alibaba.co Silica packing material for a variety of reversed-phase separations Hamilton HxSil C18 columns are well end-capped for retention time reproducibility and durability. HxSil C18 columns exhibit greater retention than most columns and enhances the separation of compounds that are not sufficiently retained on other C18 columns. Resources Hamilton's knowledge base provides a range of explanatory.

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  1. Atlantis HILIC silica columns are used in combination with high organic mobile phases (>80% acetonitrile) to provide retention of analytes that are simply too polar to be retained by reverse-phase chromatography.Chromatographie-Säulen trennen bei der Gas- oder Flüssigchromatographie Moleküle innerhalb einer Mischung. Mit Präparaten oder Granulaten der stationären Phase gefüllte.
  2. Two validated, simple and precise densitometric high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) quantification methods were proposed for both qualitative and quantitative estimation of oleuropein in Olea europaea leaves and a pharmaceutical product utilizing normal-phase and reversed-phase silica gel TLC plates. In method I, 10 × 20 cm glass plates coated with 0.2 mm thin layers of normal.
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  1. Bare Silica; Reversed-phase; Normal Phase; Other Sorbents; Analytical HPTLC; Plastic Backed TLC Plates. Bare Silica; Other Sorbents; Accessories; TLC Plates Selection Guide; TLC Practical Guide; TLC Visualization Methods; Difference between TLG-R10014B-323 and TLG-R10014BK-323 SiliaPlate TLC Plates; SiliaSep - Flash Cartridges. Portfolio. SiliaSep . Reversed-phases; Normal Phases; Ion Exchange.
  2. e) are used for normal phase separations; with Diol and NH2 often able to deliver more stable results. Diol and NH2 have the added benefit of reduced sensitivity to the presence of water. Diol and NH2 can also be used in reversed-phase. Read More. SiO2 Diol NH2. Ultisil XB C30. Compared to conventional C18/ODS phases, Ultisil XB-C30 is.
  3. a with a hydrophilic surface chemistry and a stronger affinity for polar compounds - hence it was considered Normal. Reverse Phase: The introduction of alkyl chains bonded covalently to the support surface reversed the elution order. Now polar compounds are.
  4. imal solubility in aqueous mobile phases. Normal phase stationary phases typically include polar functional groups (silica, a
  5. Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) involves the separation of molecules on the basis of hydrophobicity. The separation depends on the hydrophobic binding of the solute molecule from the mobile phase to the immobilized hydrophobic ligands attached to the stationary phase, i.e., the sorbent. A schematic diagram showing the binding of a peptide or a protein to a.

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The silica-based TSKgel reversed phase product line consists of ten stationary phases designed for the analysis of low molar mass compounds, including pharmaceutical drugs, forensic compounds, derivatized amino acids, carbohydrates, steroids, lipids, and fatty acids, as well as two stationary phases with larger pore size designed for protein analysis. TSKgel silica packings consist of. Chemical stability of Reversed Phase HPLC silica under NaOH regeneration conditions Sylvia Winkel Pettersson*, Eric Collet, Ulrika Andersson *Address: Eka Chemicals, Separation Products, SE-445 80 Bohus, Sweden; Phone No: +46 31 587781, Fax No: +46 31 587727, sylvia.winkel@eka.com Introduction Reversed phase HPLC is a commonly used purification technique within downstream processing of.

Klassische C18 Reversed Phase Säulen für HPLC und UHPLC Am häufigsten verwendete stationäre Phase im RP Modus. Silicagel basierte Säulen mit C18 Modifizierung sind mit und ohne Endcapping erhältlich. RP Phasen mit klassischem Endcapping sind für gewöhnlich etwas hydrophober als ihre Gegenstücke ohne Endcapping. C18 Phasen werden idealerweise genutzt um saure, basische und neutrale. Finden Sie Hohe Qualität Sphärische Umkehrphasen-silicagel C18 Hersteller Sphärische Umkehrphasen-silicagel C18 Lieferanten und Sphärische Umkehrphasen-silicagel C18 Produkte zum besten Preis auf Alibaba.co

Description of Reversed Phase C18A Solid Phase Extraction(SPE) Cartridges. The C18A solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge uses octadecyl silica as a filler to extract non-polar compounds from aqueous solution by hydrophobic interaction. The fully covered surface is hydrophilically modified to allow the stationary phase to be easily wetted by water, to maintain the carbon chain upright in the. Chromatography was first employed in Russia by the Italian-born scientist Mikhail Tsvet in 1900. He continued to work with chromatography in the first decade of the 20th century, primarily for the separation of plant pigments such as chlorophyll, carotenes, and xanthophylls.Since these components have different colors (green, orange, and yellow, respectively) they gave the technique its name A model is proposed for the surface structure of reversed phase sorbents obtained via the chemical modification of silica gel with alkyldimethylchlorosilanes. The structure of the surface is consistent with the known data on the properties of silica gel and n-alkanes. The model notes that the coupling of silicon-oxygen tetrahedra (silica gel structural units) is such that the tetrahedra.

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Unbonded Silica for Normal Phase Bonded Silicas for Normal Phase; Advantages Advantages; High loading capacity Generally, more stable : More likely to use solvents that evaporate easily: Highly reproducible: Can be used for both normal phase and reversed phase: Better selectivity for acidic, neutral, and basic conditions Limitations Limitations; Hard to remove mobile phase additives: Higher. Description of Reversed Phase C18 Solid Phase Extraction(SPE) Cartridges. The C18 solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge uses octadecyl silica as a filler to retain non-polar compounds by strong hydrophobic interaction. The filler retains most of the organic matter and is widely used in the fields of environment and food safety

Internal-surface reversed-phase silica support for direct-injection determination of drugs in biological fluids by liquid chromatography. Analytical Chemistry 1989 , 61 (21) , 2445-2448 Silica-based bonded phase with strong hydrophobicity; used to adsorb analytes of even weak hydrophobicity from aqueous solutions; typical applications include drugs and their metabolites in serum, plasma or urine, desalting of peptides, trace organics in environmental water samples, organic acids in beverages; similar in behavior to reversed-phase HPLC columns Purification of an Immunoadjuvant Saponin Fraction from Quillaja brasiliensis Leaves by Reversed-Phase Silica Gel Chromatography Methods Mol Biol. 2017;1494:87-93. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-6445-1_6. Authors Anna C A Yendo.

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These stationary phases are powders, like silica, and they can be loaded into a column just like silica can. Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): A cartoon of a C18 bead. A C18 column is an example of a reverse phase column. Reverse phase columns are often used with more polar solvents such as water, methanol or acetonitrile. The stationary phase is a. C18-Reversed phase silica gel,for column chromatography, fully end-capped (C18-reversed phase silica gel; Reversed phase silica gel C18) C18-Reversed phase silica gel, for column chromatography, fully end-capped. Artikelnummer: 60756-50G. Mengeneinheit: 1X50G 383.00 CHF 383.00 CHF Das Produkt ist nicht verfügbar. In den Warenkorb. Aktuelle Lieferfrist auf Anfrage. Synonyme: C18-reversed phase. Reversed-phase and weak anion-exchange mixed-mode silica-based monolithic column for capillary electrochromatography. Ding G(1), Da Z, Yuan R, Bao JJ. Author information: (1)School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China. A silica-based CEC monolithic column with mixed modes of RP and weak anion-exchange (WAX) was successfully prepared by using the sol.

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Mode Reversed-Phase Max pressure, psi / bar N/A. Modification Silica Surface area, m 2 /g N/A. Internal diameter, mm 2.1 Carbon load, % N/A. Length, mm 100 Operating temperature N/A. Particle size, µm 5.0 Endcapped Yes. Similar columns. Vendor Brand Mode Modif. Int. diam. Lenght Particles Pores Price, EUR; CNW Technologies: Cnwsil Silica: RP: Silica : 2.1 mm: 100 mm: 5.0 µm: 90 Å: No price. Biotage® Sfär Silica - 60 μm is the ideal solution for standard separations that require a reliable normal phase media, with the high quality standard of Biotage.. Biotage® Sfär Silica is the ideal solution for standard separations that require a reliable normal phase media, when you need better peak shape, sharper elution bands, and an overall improved separation 2. RPC Retention Mechanism The beauty and simplicity of a C18 stationary phase is that it offers a very simple hydrophobic interaction. As the solutes in the mobile phase travel through the silica pores, they can be attracted and held by the hydrocarbon through a rather weak hydrophobic (and van der Waal force) interaction Alibaba.com bietet das komplette Sortiment an reverse phase silica pulver c18 für jeden Bedarf zu hervorragenden Preisen. Vergleichen Sie die Angebote für jeden Parameter und wählen Sie ein qualitativ hochwertiges reverse phase silica pulver c18 C18-Reversed phase silica gel,for column chromatography, fully end-capped (C18-reversed phase silica gel; Reversed phase silica gel C18) C18-Reversed phase silica gel, for column chromatography, fully end-capped. Artikelnummer: 60756-250G. Mengeneinheit: 1X250G 1'530.00 CHF 1'530.00 CHF Das Produkt ist nicht verfügbar. In den Warenkorb. Aktuelle Lieferfrist auf Anfrage. Synonyme: C18-reversed.

Finden Sie umkehrphasen-silicagel c18 5um bei Alibaba.com, damit sich Kleidung und Stoffe nach der Herstellung besser anfühlen. Durchsuchen Sie umkehrphasen-silicagel c18 5um Qualitätsprodukte zu idealen Preisen 915 reversed phase silica gel c18 products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which petroleum additives accounts for 9%, electronics chemicals accounts for 7%, and leather auxiliary agents accounts for 6%. A wide variety of reversed phase silica gel c18 options are available to you, such as chemical auxiliary agent. You can also choose from coating auxiliary agents, plastic. Our silica gels are available in many particle size ranges all derived from a single base silica gel, specifically produced only for adsorption and chromatography processes. Standardized silica gels offer easy development of your process from thin layer chromatography to any scale. They are available in a wide variety of pack sizes from 500 g to 400 kg to suit your specific needs. Bottles and. Agilent Bond Elut Reversed Phase (Non-Polar) Silica SPE. For over 30 years, Bond Elut has been the most trusted name in solid phase extraction. Years of use by demanding chemists at top companies worldwide have thoroughly documented its many applications and proven its performance. To this day, you will find more literature references for Bond Elut than any other SPE product in the industry. The reversed phase HPLC column is most commonly used because of the high theoretical plate number, excellent separation characteristics, reproducibility, affordable cost and ease of use. Columns packed with the octadecyl group bonded type silica gel (C 18, ODS) are the most widely employed. We offer three types of octadecyl group bonded columns: COSMOSIL 3C 18-EB, C 18-MS-II, C 18-AR-II and C.

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C18-reversed phase silica gel, for column chromatography, fully endcapped. Artikelnummer: 60757-250G. Mengeneinheit: 1X250G. 1'550.00 CHF 1'550.00 CHF Das Produkt ist nicht verfügbar. In den Warenkorb. Aktuelle Lieferfrist auf Anfrage. Synonyme: Reversed phase silica gel 90. ULTRON STR-ODS II C18 reversed-phase HPLC column with strong silica particles. Features. Corresponds to USP number L01: Octadecyl silane bonded to porous silica or ceramic microparticles, 3 to 10 micrometers in diameter. The effects of metal oxides are suppressed to a minimum due to the use of highly-purified silica gel as a base material in the ULTRON STR-ODS II series. ULTRON STR-ODS II. Bonded-phase degradation in this pH range is a result mainly of silica support dissolution; covalently-bound silane ligands are hydrolyzed very slowly if at all from silica supports at intermediate and higher pH. Based on rates of silica support dissolution determined by chemical measurements and comparable chromatographic studies, we now find that endcapping alkyl-bonded stationary phases.

Silica gel C8-Reversed phase,for column chromatography, fully endcapped (Reversed phase silica gel C8) Silica gel C8-Reversed phase, for column chromatography, fully endcapped. Artikelnummer: 60759-50G. Mengeneinheit: 1X50G 284.00 CHF 284.00 CHF Das Produkt ist nicht verfügbar. In den Warenkorb. Aktuelle Lieferfrist auf Anfrage. Normal Phase Extraction Silica Alumina (A, B & N) Florisil ® Reversed Phase C18 tC18 C8 tC2: Reversed or Normal Phase Extraction Amino Propyl (NH2) Cyano Propyl (CN) Diol PSA (Primary-Secondary Amine) Ion Exchange Accell™ Plus QMA Accell Plus CM PSA (Primary-Secondary Amine) ` Contact Waters. Request Pricing Buy Now. Local Offices Featured. Sep-Pak Sample Extraction Products Brochure. A new internal-surface reversed-phase (ISRP) silica support has been designed for direct injection analysis of drugs in biological fluids by liquid chromatography. The support, prepared by using a new enzyme, polymyxin acylase, has N-octanoylaminopropyl phases, bound only to the internal surfaces of the porous silica, and N-(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)-aminopropyl phases on the external surfaces in. Palladium acetate immobilized on reversed phase amorphous silica gel with the aid of an ionic liquid, [bmim]PF6, was highly efficient in the promotion of the Mizoroki-Heck reaction in pure water without a ligand up to the sixth re-use, in 95% average yield with TON and TOF 1,600,000 and 71,000 (h−1), respec A normal phase chiral chromatography stationary phase is prepared by simple passage of an aqueous solution of an appropriate chiral selector through e.g. a silica gel column. For this scheme, a mixed-bed of bare silica gel and octadecylsilanized silica gel (ODS) provides much better separation performance than a silica gel column. Isolation of silica gel particles in the column is important. Kieselgel, Kieselsäuregel oder Silikagel (englisch silica gel) ist ein farbloses, amorphes Siliciumdioxid von gelartiger, gummiartiger bis fester Konsistenz. Es besitzt eine große innere Oberfläche (ca. 600 m²/g). Es ist stark hygroskopisch (wasseranziehend) und eignet sich als Geliermittel, Filter-, Adsorptionsmaterial und Trockenmittel.Man rechnet es zu den Xerogelen

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